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Do you want to replace the curating and udc pages with an Art Enabling page and subpages:

  • UDC (include a small gallery of work you've done there yourself, but mostly let this be about the curating/producing aspect)

  • Curating (exhibitions specificaly)

  • Half Lives Producing (talk about commissioning the project, managing artists, the KS campaign, bringing on Gandor, etc)


Do you want a music page, in case people miss you as half of Alien Balloonist once she's not on every single page of this site?


Note that costume design & making are laid out in one style, and curating & testimonials in another. There's also a hidden testimonials page in a third format. Take a look and tell me what you like best? (writing and udc are a little too short for that to matter

News and Upcoming Events!

MaryShelleyShow workshop in residency in Echo Lake, Maine August 22nd - September 2nd, with performance September 2nd at The Theater Project



MaryShelleyShow at Chicago Fringe Festival, September 9th through 11th


Undiscovered Countries 4TH BIRTHDAY SHOW, September 19th, Bizarre Bushwick

Half Lives Book and Album Release and Party, October TBA

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