Art Objects

Bernard the Kazoo Alien

Mixed media built around a functioning kazoo, designed and built by Barbara Begley and Shakhed Hadaya for original piece AlienWomynLadyBalloonist at Undiscovered Countries, January 2016. Photos by Barbara Begley, Shakhed Hadaya and Liz Rogers. 

Glam Raptor Masks 
(and Triceratops Headdress)

Mixed media hats and headdresses, made for Undiscovered Countries piece in Fresh Ground Pepper's EPIC, Jurassic Park, 2012. Photos by Bailey Carr and Barbara Begley

Cocktail Cocktail Hats

Mixed media party hats, made by commission for Elizabeth Erskine. Modeled by Barbara Begley and Chloe Erskine. New Years Eve, 2010. Photos by Denise Meehan.

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