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Garter Bias Baby Blanket

Fiber Arts

Garter Bias Baby Blanket

Worsted weight wool, knit 2015

Lake Victory
Sea Creature Friends

Henry the Octopus pattern from the Purl Bee

Belinda the Whale from Swans Island Baby Whale pattern. 

Henry's hat is an adaptation of Purl Bee's Simple Pleasures hat. Mermaid crown and quilt own design. 2012-2015

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2 Color Brioche Cowl

Worsted weight wool, knitting 2015

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Custom Boned Corset with Hand-dyed Fabric

Customized 1890's pattern, made in conjunction with NYU's Costume Construction class, fall of 2009. Hand dyed silk, steel bone and grommets.

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Williamsburg Bridge Embroidered Pillow

Cotton embroidery floss on linen-cotton blend fabric. Design by Barbara Begley and Shakhed Hadaya. 2015

And So On
Giant Granny Square Blanket

Fingering weight wool, crochet 2015-2016.

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Hissing Possums

Custom printed cotton fabric designed by Shakhed Hadaya, cotton stuffing, magnetic noses. Designed by Barbara Begley and Shakhed Hadaya for Art Chicken. 2015

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Mermaid Headdress

Seashells, sequined applique and silk on buckram and plastic base. Design by Barbara Begley. 

Sea Creature Quilt

Patchwork of cotton and linen fabrics, machine pieced and quilted. 2013

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